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National Renaissance Party

The National Renaissance Party is re-forming. The outer circle of the NRP can be found on Facebook. The National Renaissance Party stands for the restoration of the American Republic and establishment of a regime in North America based on the principles of Racial Nationalism and Social Justice.

Let’s dispense with some back-handed slams before we delve into the REAL history of the NRP.

One John Reilly in a blog recently said this: “James Madole and his National Renaissance Party tried to promulgate a novel synthesis of theosophy, science fiction & fascism, but they were just street-corner cranks”.

Martin Lee in his 1997 book THE BEAST REAWAKENS about the postwar fascist comeback–it’s actually pretty informative of its type, almost as good as DREAMER OF THE DAY–quoted from William Goring’s 1970 monograph on the Party, who described the National Office as a madhouse: “All day long there was a constant procession of Communists, uniformed Nazis, motorcycle gang hoodlums, some ballet dancers . . .”

Some REAL history: James Madole, with a love of SciFi & fantasy, founded the Animist Party in 1947. It’s announcement was placed in several fanzines of the time. But quickly Madole learned he’d been infiltrated by a number of professional “anti-fascists”. A member also of the Nationalist Action League, Madole dissolved his little party.

!n 1949, the Nationalist Action League merged into the National Renaissance Party which had just been founded by Kurt Mertig, an old-time German nationalist. (I think during World War II Mertig was ordered to move 300 miles inland from the New York coast.)

It was primarily a nostalgia group for old-timers upset by the German defeat in the Second World War. To buck up their spirits, Mertig took a line from Hitler’s Testament promising a renaissance of the National Socialist movement. That’s where the NRP’s name came from.

Mertig was elderly and in poor health and resigned as chairman. That’s when Madole took over. He was an energetic street-corner orator. Almost nightly he would harangue in Yorkville, then the German immigrant section of Manhattan, not far from Central Park where Lyndon LaRouche used to live. (The Lower East Side was still the Jewish section, but they were leaving. It’s Puerto Rican today but being gentrified as Yorkville is. The only old-time ethnic enclaves are Harlem, Chinatown & Little Italy).

Madole’s efforts slowly expanded the  tiny NRP to include a number of former followers of Father Coughlin. But the NRP of this early period had a dreary line common to the Far Right of the period. The Jewish conspiracy was supposed to be behind everything but especially Communism. Madole himself agitated with a crude biological racism and wanted to deport all blacks immediately. He said this nightly on the New York streets!

But James Madole was only the public face of the National Renaissance Party. The real leader of the party behind the scenes was Fred Weiss, who also largely financed the group–he owned a printing business. Weiss was an old-line German nationalist who believed in a Russo-German alliance against the Plutocratic West. He was not a biological racist but rather a ‘cultural racialist’ after the manner of Julius Evola. On the Jews, he was not a standard anti-Semite. (In fact, I found him quite close to Oswald Spengler who wasn’t anti-Semitic at all).

The third important person in the leadership was H. Keith Thompson who was not officially a member but closely allied with Fred Weiss. Unlike the wannabes later found in Rockwell’s “American Nazi Party”–many of them washouts from the American military like John Patler who would eventually kill Rockwell–Thompson was the real McCoy. During World War II, Thompson, living in the States, was appointed a Sturmbannfuhrer (major) in the SS. He may have committed sabotage though of what I won’t say. He escaped treason charges because the Germans back-dated his commission to before USA entered the war. Thompson actually became a Naval officer during the war.

(For the record, I met Madole and Thompson but only communicated with Weiss by letter).

So there you have the beginnings of the National Renaissance Party. A more extreme version of what was standard on the American Right at the time.

That would all change when Fred Weiss and Keith Thompson would introduce James Madole to Francis Parker Yockey. The Party would be turned on its head and become a force ahead of its time.

That’s the subject of our next narrative.

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