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National Bolshevik Party–Partisan Tendency

In the 1990s it was a bolt out of the blue during depressing times that a new movement emerged in Russia called The National Bolshevik Party (NBP). It promised to combine the equality, anti-capitalism and solidarity of the Far Left with the personal liberty, nationalism and will-to-power of the Far Right. It was a bolt of lightning illuminating the alternative to the corrupt stooge of the New World Order, Boris Yeltsin.

Equally dashing was the elan of the National Bolsheviks. The brilliance of Eurasian theoretician Alexandr Dugin combined  with the flair of avant-garde writer Eduard Limonov, with more than a little of Nietzsche in the background. The Party’s base was among the young: students, artists, musicians, punks. And they were more than willing to fight in the streets, enraged as they were by the degradation of their country in the post-Soviet era and the wholesale looting of state assets under the auspices of Jeffrey Sachs & Larry Summers (the same Larry Summers who’s now Obama’s top economic advisor). They screamed in anger at the creation of the multi-billionaire oligarchs–if that wasn’t bad enough, some weren’t even Russian but Jewish.

Limonov put his body on the line fighting for the Serbs in the Western-inspired break-up of Tito’s Yugoslavia. Later, he and other Naz-Bols (as they were nicknamed) were jailed  in Russia. Their refusal to recant increased even further the aura surrounding the National Bolshevist Movement.  Then things began to fall apart.

Professor Dugin, the real founder of the Party left to found the International Eurasian Movement. Indeed, it was Dugin who recruited Limonov, Telling me in a letter, “we felt we needed a media person”. Limonov had been regarded as the Russian Henry Miller (I think Charles Bukowski is more like it).

In the meantime, the new Putin government began implementing many elements of a rescue plan that Limonov said he was always for. Yet the official NBP remained in opposition.

In fact, by 2003, Limonov and his grouping were becoming errand-boys for the ultra-liberal “orange” opposition, 5th column for the New World Order.

In June 2005, Andrei Ignatiev founded the “NBP Without Limonov”, later called the National Bolshevist Portal. They stood for the revival of NBP as a political order of like-minded persons standing on national, anti-bourgeois and patriotic principles. They called for the renewal of the heritage inspired by Konstantin Leontiev, Ernst Niekisch, Ernst Junger and others. They rejected the modern cosmopolitan system based on capitalism, “values” of the consumer society and the philistine mass culture. They now support the National Bolshevik Front led by former members of the NBP.

The NBP–Partisan Tendency is allied with both the National Bolshevist Portal and the National Bolshevik Front.

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