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Patriotism and Nationalism

In the dictionary, patriotism and nationalism are virtually the same. Pride is one’s country is the touchstone.

George Orwell during World War II tried to make a distinction. He saw patriotism as passive and nationalism as aggressive. He didn’t mean his altering of terminology to be flattering.

We disagree with Orwell and embrace both. But for the sake of argument let’s run with his new definitions.

In practice: Patriotism would be about building a fence between the USA and Mexico.

In practice: Nationalism is about annexing Mexico.

Where do we stand? As the late Conservative member of the British Parliament, Enoch Powell, used to say: To pose the question is to know the answer.

In practicenorth america


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Vietnam veteran. Succeeded Jeff Sharlett as editor of VIETNAM GI, 1st anti-war paper put out by Nam vets. Edited RAP!, underground paper at Ft Benning. Until retirement from Postal Service, put out the POSTAL HARDHITTER, another underground newsletter. Presently, I'm a free lance writer.

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