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Sam Francis on Religious Right

(Excerpts from December 1994)

The ‘religious right’ merely current incarnation of on-going Middle American Revolution . . .

Movement never had much to do with right’s perennial holy cow, the free market,
but rather
perception that white middle-class core of American society & culture being evicted from its historic position of cultural & political dominance.

Social issues 1970s; culture wars 1990s:
Resisting erosion of traditional morality & traditional middle-class social & economic dominance the morality codified.

Obvious way to defend moral code through religion. Religion emerged logically as vehicle of Middle American moral, social and cultural counter-revolution.

From this line of analysis:
What ultimately drives adherents of religious right NOT religion in the ordinary sense.

What drives them is perception that the culture their religion reflects & defends is withering. That withering portends a disaster for themselves, their class, their country and their civilization.

Religion convenient vehicle BUT not the most effective vehicle. Real problem: Religious vehicle won’t carry it home.

They could end abortion, restore school prayer, outlaw sodomy and ban porn
having accomplished all that
the Christian right would have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING
to prevent the inundation of the country by anti-Western immigrants,
stop cultural & racial dispossession of the historic American people,
resist absorption of American nation into multicultural & multiracial globalist regime!

Christian Right for the most part doesn’t care about these issues
and insofar as it does,

Thus, religious orientation of Christian Right creates what Marxists call ‘false consciousness’:
an ideology that appeals to & mobilizes a socio-political class
does not accurately codify the objective interests of the class
in the end only distracts & deflects its political action
AND ultimately works to buttress & reinforce the dominant regime.


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