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Leave Africa to the Africans

(Reprinted from American New Right, 6/19/09)

by Ian Huyett

I’m tired of hearing about how we have a ‘moral obligation’ to help Africa.

Next time you find a fat leech draining your blood, don’t pull it off. After all, the leech is less fortunate than you. You have a moral obligation to let it suck you dry.

Many liberals suffer from the misconception that Africans live in poverty because Africa itself is poor. The truth is that Africa is one of the most resource-rich places on Earth; Africans just don’t care. They aren’t interested in building better schools, hospitals, or governments. They’re only interested in butchering each other, and they’ve done a pretty damn good job of it since the beginning of recorded history.

In every new movie about Africa, we hear the cliche’ platitude “Nobody cares about Africa”. The truth is that everyone cares about Africa (obsessively, I might add) except the Africans themselves. If they’re not going to take care of themselves, neither should we.

Ever notice how American aid workers who dedicate their lives to helping Africans are always getting abducted, raped, and killed? Have you ever thought they may not want our help?africa


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