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The Coming Nationalist Schism

by Ian Huyett

In their quest for cheap labor, Europe’s globalists have opened the floodgates of our mother continent. As the tides of immigration wear down Europe’s infrastructure and erode its culture, the people of Europe are in an uproar. European nationalism has been given its greatest political opportunity of the decade.

It’s an opportunity that’s been missed.

Rather than unite against the people directly responsible for turning the valve, Europeans have allowed pseudo-nationalists like Geert Wilders to ride to power on a misguided, Neocon-esque wave of anti-Islamic hysteria. Confusing the charred corpses of Gazan children they’ve seen on the internet with the parasitic criminals that plague their neighborhoods, “nationalists” in Europe are becoming even more rabid supporters of Israel than America’s foreign lobbyist masters.

This unfortunate shift, accompanied by calls for European police states and opposition to free speech, has advanced the transformation of European Nationalism into American Neoconservatism. Groups once rooted in tradition and inspired by the likes of Julius Evola have begun to turn to the brainless ideology espoused by Leo Strauss and Dick Cheney (who, on an unrelated note, is currently serving his third term as President).

We American nationalists have had to deal with immigration of a different variety. When we ¬†encounter Muslims (a tiny minority), we tend to look at them objectively, and in the end see them as fellow travelers in our struggle against a murderous common enemy. Eventually our Paleoconservatism and alliance with moderate Islam will put us at odds with Europe’s “nationalism”, its Neoconservatism, and its new romance with supremacist Judaism.

For now, the nationalist parties of Europe remain buddy-buddy with those of America and Canada. Nationalists like David Duke, who maintain strong ties to Islam, have yet to criticize the emerging anti-Islamic trends in groups such as the BNP. In time, nationalists on both sides of the puddle will be unable to ignore this fundamental difference. Unless we look this issue in the eye and address it now, it will spiral out of control and spark a conflict that will do irreversible damage, not only to our movement, but to our people.

(When the likes of David Horowitz brag up Geert Wilders & sponsor him, you know something’s amiss).


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