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Angelina Jolie Syndrome

Angelina Jolie is the globe-trotting actress forever searching outside of her own country for someone to feel sorry for. She’s adopted kids from Africa & Asia. This created a minor backlash in USA as there are plenty of needy youngsters here. Not to be outdone, self-publicity machine Madonna has started to match her, focusing on sub-saharan Africa.

Now, of course, it’s nice to be nice to folks wherever they may be. But what does this trend by our decadent celebrities really entail? I think it represents a variant of self-loathing & disregard  for one’s own country.

Am I right? I found back-up from the great Swiss thinker Vilfredo Pareto. Pareto taught: “A sign which almost always accompanies the decadence of an aristocracy is the invasion of humanitarian sentiments and delicate ‘sob-stuff’ that renders it incapable of defending its position”.

For Jolie & Madonna, it’s beneath them  to campaign for their own country & its people. We’re not talking the Gov’t here which sucks, but the country.

So where does this lead to? For Pareto, nations never die from foreign conquest but exclusively from suicide.

That’s the danger of the Angelina Jolie Syndrome.angelina_jolie_202339


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